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2021 Gift Ideas for Male Graduates

I am right in the mix of buying gifts for graduation! I have several college graduates and high school graduates to purchase for. I feel like I have some experience in this area because it was only 2 years ago that I was getting ready for my own child to fly the nest! Both of my boys received some amazing gifts that they still use today. So, I though I would share some top picks for graduation gifting this year. My list has a range of prices. Not all the gifts are specifically "fun," but every one of them is practical. I thought about including some things that are a given, like phone chargers, but I wanted to include some things you might not think about. This is not a paid promotion and I don't have any affiliate links - just some honest favorites and necessities from experience. Please comment with some of your favorites, too!

  1. Tooled Leather Duffel Bag by Texas Crazy - My husband and I gifted each of my boys one when they graduated high school. They both still use their bag as their main piece of luggage. The bag is beautiful but sturdy. It meet most airline carryon requirements. It comes in four colors and has a detachable strap. It was pricey, but worth every penny!

2. Jon Hart Shave Kit - My sister gifted each of my boys this bag when they graduated from high school. Again, they use theirs still to this day. They come in two different sizes and many different colors. You can also customize the leather stamp. Look at some of your local boutiques because they may be retailers for the Jon Hart brand.

3. Engraved Pocket Knife from WoodPresentStudio on Etsy - We purchased these as graduation gifts for our sons' closest friends with their initials engraved on them. We got so many notes saying how much they treasured the knives because they are personal keepsakes. They are very affordable as well!

4. Bissell Cordless Hand Vacuum - This cordless handheld vacuum in great for a dorm room, apartment, or house. It doesn't take up much room, sits neatly on a charging station, and cleans up a mess quick. My boys love to use theirs to vacuum out their vehicles. Pick up one for yourself, too!

5. Restaurant Gift Cards - Let's face it, cafeteria food & ramen noodles get old. An assortment of restaurant gift cards are a treasure for broke college kids. I like to purchase mine from Sam's Club because you can often get a great deal where you can purchase several for less than the total value.

6. Leather Boot/Shoe Care Kit - Granted, my boys don't dress up that often in college, but when they do, their boots are always scuffed and dirty! This kit is genius because it is small but has everything they need to make the leather look presentable.

7. Sam's Club Oversized Bath Towels - My boys are tall and regular-sized towels don't do the trick. The oversized bath towels from Sam's Club are amazing! They are soft but absorbent. Plus, you can't beat the price. A little added bonus is getting their name or initials embroidered on them.

8. Weighted Blanket from Target - If you have never used a weighted blanket, you don't know what you are missing! My oldest son swears that his makes for the best afternoon nap ever! This one from Target is great because it comes in several sizes and colors. It also holds the beads in compartments so they don't slide around.

9. Tool Kit - It never fails; when one needs a hammer, there is never one to be found! This compact toolkit is perfect for a college kid. It has the essentials plus some - like scissors and a box cutter! It's very handy for a myriad of things in a dorm room or apartment.

10. Roadside Emergency Kit - I don't know how many times my boys have been in a situation where they or someone else needed some jumper cables. This kit includes the cables plus and air compressor for flat tires. It's everything one would need if their car or someone else's won't start. I would also throw in an ice scraper if they live in a cold climate.

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