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About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Angie Watson, and I am from Lubbock, TX. I am 45 years old. I have been married to my husband, Kent, for 23 years. We have two sons - Kort is 22 and Wren is 21. I started my blog more as self-therapy than anything. I hit a huge brick wall when I turned 40. I was facing an empty nest. I was seeing someone different in the mirror. I felt in between two generations, and I was lost. Writing, sharing my experiences, and learning from others are how I cope. If you can relate, this community is all about embracing midlife - beauty, fashion, finances, relationships, health, you name it. I hope you learned something new or related to the content during your visit. I hope to see you again! If you want to connect, please subscribe below. Thank you!

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